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Welcome to Wordbrain Rat answers, the only page with the right answers to Rat category.

The number of the levels are random so it is better to use the search form below, to find the answer to the level you are searching for.

You can enter more than 3 letters, this will make the search more precise and you will get the answers faster.

Always remember that the number of levels are random, so Rat level 1 is different for 2 players.

Wordbrain Rat answers with videos.
As mentioned throughout this website, sometimes it is difficult to pass the level even when you have all the right answers. This is because you can only form words with adjacent letters. If you find the right word but with a different combination, you cannot form the next word. This is when having a video with all the answers comes in handy.

Basically, using the search form above you will find all answers to:

  • Wordbrain Rat 1
  • Wordbrain Rat 2
  • Wordbrain Rat 3
  • Wordbrain Rat 4
  • Wordbrain Rat 5
  • Wordbrain Rat 6
  • Wordbrain Rat 7
  • Wordbrain Rat 8
  • Wordbrain Rat 9
  • Wordbrain Rat 10
  • Wordbrain Rat 11
  • Wordbrain Rat 12
  • Wordbrain Rat 13
  • Wordbrain Rat 14
  • Wordbrain Rat 15
  • Wordbrain Rat 16
  • Wordbrain Rat 17
  • Wordbrain Rat 18
  • Wordbrain Rat 19
  • Wordbrain Rat 20

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